Original Date: October 19, 2015

President Tom Close opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m. at the Lightner Library on the Keuka College campus. He affirmed that there was a quorum, 55 members signed the attendance sheets. It was moved, seconded, and voted to approve the minutes of the July 19, 2014 annual meeting. The treasurer reported an ending balance as of July 7, 2015 of $6,127.85. The Overlook project has been completed; the total expense was $4,578.88. It was moved, seconded, and voted to approve the treasurer’s report. Martha Johnstone was re-elected secretary, Rodge Williams was elected treasurer, Marcia English, Fred Geyer, and Wendy Disbrow were re-elected as directors. Continuing for a second year are President Tom Close and Lynn Wuytowicz. Art Adams, former president, continues as an ex officio board member. Lisa Saether continues to serve as BPA’s liaison to the Finger Lakes Land Trust. Tom expressed thanks to Wendy Disbrow for serving as treasurer for the past two years and to Ray Copson for continuing to maintain the BPA website. He also thanked Lynn Wuytowicz for coordinating the BPA newsletters and Annette Toaspern for the photographs used to illustrate today’s meeting. Finger Lakes Museum Update Natalie Payne, the Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Museum and Aquarium, reviewed the history of the museum from its founding in 2008. The former Branchport Elementary School is being renovated to serve as the museum’s headquarters and the museum’s master plan has been revised. In 2014 the museum acquired a wetland parcel of land along Sugar Creek which will be developed with walking trails. Other activities planned are paddling events, woods walks, and hiking. The Finger Lakes Foodways programs continue in area elementary schools. The timber frame barn for the Creekside Center is being raised. Future plans include a fresh water aquarium and increased outreach to schools and the community. The museum welcomes volunteers to work in the office, on committees, and in fund raising efforts. Natalie thanked the community for its support to date; contributions are always welcome and appreciated. Town of Jerusalem Sewer Expansion Jerusalem Supervisor Patrick Killen outlined a proposal for the Jerusalem sewer district to expand sewer coverage through Branchport to the county line. Crescent Beach, Keuka Lake state Park, East and West Bluff Drives, and Indian Pines to Ritchey Blvd. would be included. The plan has several stages of approval and would be financed by a bond issue, with contracts in place and start up anticipated by 2020. Objectives are to protect the lake by reducing bacteria, viruses, and pharmaceuticals in the water. There will be a referendum before proceeding and all persons listed on the deed for a property would be eligible to vote. Approximately 1700 units would utilize the service at an estimated cost of $125 per month per unit. Overlook Sign Project About eight years ago, Lynn Simmons and Bob Evans, Jerusalem Town Historian proposed a cast metal sign to be placed at the Route 54A overlook that would describe the history of the Bluff region. This concept was expanded to two 3x5 feet color laminate signs that convey much more information about the geological and social history of the Bluff region than the original plan. For the past three years, a committee of Bluff Point Association members and local residents worked to produce the signs that were placed at the Overlook in June, 2015. This committee was chaired by BPA board member Martha Johnstone and included Annette Toaspern, Anne Salisbury, and Chris Trombley and Bob Gillespie (researchers and writers) and Kent Salisbury and Chris Trombley (layout and graphic design). The Town of Jerusalem facilitated the work permit application process to the NY Department of Transportation and Highway Supervisor Rob Martin and town board member Max Parson installed the signs. Fred Geyer repaired and re-stained the fence. Tom expressed his thanks to all who worked to make the project a reality. A New York State historical marker, sponsored by the William Pomeroy Foundation and arranged for by Annette Toaspern, was also recently placed at the Overlook to commemorate John Beddoe’s settlement of 7600 acres in 1797 and 1798 including the Bluff and Branchport areas. Adopt a Highway Proposal BPA Director Marcia English presented a proposal that the Bluff Point Association take over the clean-up of a two mile stretch of NY Route 54A from Jud’s Stone House Nursery to the Branchport fire house. A group of 7-10 people has met in May-June and September-October to pick up trash along the road, under the direction of the NY Department of Transportation. Volunteers are trained and equipped with hard hats and trash bags. Marcia circulated a sign-up list for members to express their interest in participating. There is an issue with lakefront property owners’ disposing of leaves in the fall. The town is not able to collect leaves and other debris and DEC regulations prevent burning them; many residents sweep them into the lake, causing water problems. Suggestions were that farmers might want to accept bags of leaves for mulch and that the Finger Lakes Museum might use them in their gardens for compost. Boat Launch Invasive Species Monitoring Program Laura Henderson from Cornell Co-Operative Extension of Yates County presented the “Steward Program” being promoted by the Keuka Lake Association to prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive plants and animals into the lake. Illustrated brochures and signs have been distributed and boats at public launches are being inspected. As of 2014, boats, equipment, and trailers must be cleaned, drained, and dried before and after use. Volunteers are present at fishing tournaments and will be stationed at launch sites to inspect recreational boats for signs of plant and animal materials. A forum will be held on July 28, 2015 to educate the public and volunteers about this issue. Cold Water Fisheries BPA Director Fred Geyer described the Angler Diary Program for fishermen to record the fish they catch. The Department of Environmental Conservation stocks Keuka Lake with land-locked salmon, lake, brown, and rainbow trout and measure the results by reports from fishermen. A diary can be obtained from Brad Hammers, Bureau of Fisheries Region 8, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Wildlife and Marine Resources at BradHammers@DEC.NY.GOV (585) 226-2466. Penn Yan Central Schools Art Adams presented a report from Penn Yan School Superintendent Howard Dennis, who was unable to attend the meeting. Highlights of the year include a one-time grant of $50,000 via NY Senator O’Mara, an award of $1000 to the librarian/AP US History program for video equipment to do a local history project, national recognition with a college scholarship for an elementary school student, 100% passing rates for Regents Physics, Geometry, and US History, Middle School Academic Bowl #1 in region, and recognition of Penn Yan Academy for expanding opportunities and improving performance for AP students. Maintenance projects include emergency repairs for cold weather damage, and repair of the Middle School gym roof. Other projects at all three schools are waiting for state approval. Currently seven classrooms at the elementary school are leased to outside pre-school programs. No decisions have been made about the future of the Middle School. A Building Conditions Survey, mandated by the state, is underway. New Business and Closing In the coming year, BPA directors plan to update the member list and develop an email data base so that communications including newsletters can be emailed. A member raised concern for roof repairs needed for the Garrett Chapel, stating that funds are being raised for this purpose. Thanks were expressed to Joe Hoff and Jim Barre for their dedication to the “no-fracking” movement in New York State. After several years of investigations and hearings, the state has banned hydrofracking in New York. The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m. Martha Johnstone Secretary